Harold Ford Jr.

Harold Ford Jr. served in Congress for 10 years from 1997-2007. Representing Tennessee’s 9th congressional district, Ford was a member of the House Financial Services, Budget and Education Committees during his time in Washington. Known as a moderate Democrat wiling to reach across the political aisle to find common ground, he was also a member of both the the Blue Dog coalition and Congressional Black Caucus. Mr. Ford is also an active member of Issue One – an organization of former senators, governors, and members of Congress committed to reform our political and campaign systems.

After losing a close race for the US Senate in 2006, Ford has spent the past 12 years teaching public policy at Vanderbilt and the University of Michigan, offering political commentary on MSNBC and working in the private sector. He spent 4 years at Merrill Lynch and 7 years at Morgan Stanley managing senior client relationships across all business units at both institutions.

A graduate of both the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan Law School, Ford currently lives in New York City with his wife Emily and 2 young kids – Georgia and Harold III.